Meet the Characters



Solbrillante is observant, analytical and knowledgeable — a natural scientist.  He usually helps the Solecitos discover the root of whatever ails them.  He can be a bit introverted but he always looks out for his friends.   


Solamigo is helpful, upbeat and a problem-solver.  He is always willing to pitch in to help his friends.  While he makes a wonderful leader, he is a good sport and understands the value of teamwork.


Solsoñon is a bit of a sleepyhead.  He is loyal and a good listener who always takes the time to help his younger siblings.  He has an active imagination and takes helpful advice from his friends.  He is also very good at telling stories.


Solecita is outgoing and organized and loves to dance.  She is an artist at heart—she loves coloring.   Her charming and lovable nature makes her a good mediator.


Soltravieso is playful, clever and a little mischievous.  He likes to try new things and is rarely afraid.  He jumps into situations that sometimes get him into trouble but his sense of humor usually helps him along the way.  Soltravieso has a lot of energy and loves sports.