A Highly Valued Hispanic Children's Property  
They're back and better than ever!


Created to impart educational tips and cultural values through music and movement, Los Solecitos quickly grew to become beloved children's characters. These adorable personalities were developed in 2003 by veteran music executive, Guillermo Santiso, to appeal to children ages 2 through 6 and parents committed to passing on the importance of cultural heritage and learning the Spanish language. Los Solecitos were incredibly well received and sold over 500,000 music CDs and delivered longstanding success on broadcast television, performed live shows, had a line of licensed merchandise and achieved more than 8,700,000 combined views on YouTube!
After a short hiatus, Los Solecitos has undergone an impressive makeover in preparation for new media opportunities, and they are back!  The children’s property will re-launch in 2015, premiering as a new and innovative animated series that resonates with Latino kids and moms and offer opportunities including licensing, brand integration, digital streaming, creation of original content and experiential engagements. 


Sneak Peek of the New Los Solecitos Series

From the YouTube Video Archive